hello, my name is jakob winkler. I am a strategic designer, urbanist, and creative researcher.

I am passionate about using community-centered and participatory design to create services, processes, strategies, and places that resonate with residents and affected communities and increase participation in urban decision making processes. in my work I use research and design to co-create actionable and accessible knowledge that demystifies the processes shaping our cities. this, I believe, can increase our capacities to collectively shape the environments we live in.


so far, my attempts to do so have taken the form of designing an atlas of urban renewal, a participatory mapping installation against displacement, a public space installation & exhibit in rockaway, queens, a strategy connecting rural and urban communities in new york, an advocacy map for digital inclusion, an educational brochure about housing rights, an affordable housing model in rapidly gentrifying bushwick, brooklyn, a data visualization on access to open space in nyc, a smart city community engagement tool, and a pop-up exhibit on community land stewardship in the lower east sideamong others.

to learn more about my work, take a look at my resumé and writing, find me on linkedin, or connect with me via email.