PROJECT: online mapping & web design project, advanced gis course - parsons school of design

ADVISOR: eric brelsford

YEAR: 2017

LOCATION: new york, ny

THEMES: web mapping, web design, digital divide, racial discrimination, internet infrastructure 


Access to high speed internet has become a crucial resource in the 21st century, decisive for access to jobs and economic mobility, information and education, and participation in the social and political spheres. Yet, as with access to other types of infrastructure such as the public transit system or streets, access to the internet, too, is characterized by socio-spatial disparities. Access to high-speed internet is differentiated based on geographies, class, race, and ethnicity, perpetuating existing forms of exclusion. But since the physical infrastructures that the internet relies on remain hidden in our everyday lives, buried below our feet, so do the inequities in its access.


This project aims to uncover the digital divide in 21st century New York by mapping the “invisible” internet infrastructure that is required for access to the Internet. The interactive web map is designed as an educational and advocacy tool that allows the viewer to explore the city’s digital divide by contrasting various data sets on the physical infrastructure, internet use, and demographic information. Due to the limited data available, the map is only a first step in doing so. However, I hope that it contributes to ongoing efforts of making visible the invisible.

>> take a look at web map here

>> take a look at web map here






online mapping & web design project

advanced gis course parsons school of design

eric brelsford


new york, ny

web mapping, web design, digital divide, racial discrimination, internet infrastructure