PROJECT: offline mapping project, gis methods course - parsons school of design

ADVISOR: eric brelsford

YEAR: 2016

LOCATION: new york, ny

THEMES: critical cartography, redlining, racialized space, public housing, urban renewal, foreclosure crisis, open data






offline mapping project

gis methods course

parsons school of design

eric brelsford


new york, ny

critical cartography, redlining, 

racialized space, public housing, urban renewal, foreclosure crisis,

open data

An Early Prototype on Tracing Paper

This series of maps, produced for a GIS course at Parsons School of Design, investigates the legacy of redlining and institutionalized racism in New York City. Introduced in the 1930s by the Home Owners Loan Corporation to guide federal mortgage lending and insurance practices, these maps demarcated areas deemed “unsafe” for investment with red outlines. Based almost entirely on considerations of race, these maps inscribed racism into the very fabric of our city by redirecting public and private money away from redlined minority neighborhoods. My maps show the ongoing influence of this policy in 21st century NYC by contrasting redlining with later urban policies and practices, urban renewal, public housing, and the foreclosure crisis. 

Redlining and NYCHA Properties
Redlining and Urban Renewal
Redlining, NYCHA and Urban Renewal
Redlining and Foreclosures
Early Prototype
Early Prototype - Layering
Early Prototype - Layering